Approved Vendor List for Flex Debit Cards

mycafeteriaplan bullet imageWhere can the Flex Card be used?

Want to know if your pharmacy or dependent daycare center will accept your Flex Debit Card for your Flexible Spending Account? The following list may help!

The myCafeteriaPlan Flex Debit Card can be used at any properly coded provider location (including pharmacy or daycare centers) that accept the myCafeteriaPlan Flex Debit Card (VISA). Click the link -> Flex Card Eligible Vendors (This link will open a PDF) to see a list of vendors that should accept your card for eligible expenses.

Our Flex Debit Card is integrated with the IIAS- inventory information approval system. This is part of a point-of-sale system that has the ability to verify that the merchandise being purchased with the Flex Debit Card.