Claim Filing Information

Flex Card Claim Filing Helpful Tips

As in IRS regulated benefit, there are certain rules and regulations myCafeteriaPlan must follow when processing claims for Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements or Dependent Day Care accounts.

All claims should be documented with the following information:

• Provider Or Merchant Name and Address

• Service Provided or Item Purchased

• Date of Service or Purchase

• Amount Charged

• Patient’s name (not necessary for over-the-counter purchases)


Unfortunately Credit Card Receipts and Canceled Checks are not acceptable.

To prevent duplicate transactions and or denied claims, please do not submit your flex card documentation on a manual claim form.


Flex Debit Card – Claim Filing Helpful Tips:

1)   The date listed may not necessarily be the date of the charge. It is actually the date your provider submitted the transaction.

2) Contact your pharmacy or medical office. They may be able to provide a statement of services or a history of transactions. An Explanation of Benefits from your insurance carrier is also acceptable.

3) Write a check, made payable to your employer, for the amount of the charge and mail to myCafeteriaPlan at the address listed on the front of this letter. This amount will be credited to your account to be used for future eligible claims.

4) Substitute (Offset) the charge with expenses you have not yet claimed. Send documentation of those expenses with a copy of the and make a note to offset.

5) If necessary documentation is not received within 68 days of the date of the transaction,  a hold will be placed on your Flex Card and it will be declined at the point of sale.

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