Why myCafeteriaPlan?

In a nutshell, myCafeteriaPlan is a service solution provider that offers you and your group insurance clients “The Power of Options” in strengthening their benefits program. But now what? With hundreds of third party administrators available, what sets myCafeteriaPlan apart?

The answer? Service. For more than a decade, myCafeteriaPlan has held customer service as its top priority. With dedicated plan administrators providing personal interaction with your company’s representatives, fast answers to questions, and reliable processing of your employees’ claims, myCafeteriaPlan is dedicated to meeting your needs with only the highest quality services. Whether your company is small, large, private, publicly-owned, non-profit or a government entity, myCafeteriaPlan is ready to work with you!

Find out more about myCafeteriaPlan’s:

mycafeteriaplan bullet imageOnline Services

myCafeteriaPlan’s comprehensive website enables 24-hour access for both employer and employee account management and reporting. In addition, it provides customized downloadable forms, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), and detailed information about cafeteria plan rules and claim submission.

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mycafeteriaplan bullet imageFast Response

Whether solving a problem or simply processing claims, myCafeteriaPlan maintains a 24-hour turnaround schedule. myCafeteriaPlan understands that quick claims processing is vital or reimbursement submissions and is committed to responding to each claim promptly.

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mycafeteriaplan bullet image Traditional or Flex Card Administration

Our services provide you and your clients with “Options” (e.g. traditional or flex card administration, 125 plan, 105 plan, 132 plan, weekly or bi-weekly reimbursements, document only, document and administration, customized employee educational materials, check reimbursement, direct deposit reimbursement, and more.). This way, employees can either pay up-front for medical expenses with their flex card at qualified locations – thus eliminating their out-of-pocket expense – or submit claims for reimbursement after they are incurred. With either option, myCafeteriaPlan handles all claims directly, so your company is free from paperwork hassles.

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mycafeteriaplan bullet imageFull IRS Compliance

In order to protect your company’s interests, myCafeteriaPlan guarantees a thorough review of each claim submitted to ensure full IRS compliance. Skilled adjudicators process each submission and contact the employee with any questions, allowing your company to have complete confidence that the administration of your plan is IRS compliant and eliminating the possibility of costly fines and/or termination of the plan.

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mycafeteriaplan bullet image Referral Partnership

As a referral partner of myCafeteriaPlan, you will receive a bonus for every plan you refer to us for ongoing outsourced administration. Most referral partners tell us to simply reduce their clients set up fee by this amount, but others want the bonus money. This is your choice! Again, another way we provide “The Power of Options!”

To request a customized client/prospect plan solution simply provide info on the plan type (FSA/HRA/Transit), total number of eligible employees, info on if this is a new or existing plan (if existing, please provide present number of participants), and the employer group’s company name. Within 24-hours you will receive a responsive quote personalized with the employer group’s name and benefit solution, which will be emailed to you for presentation to the group.

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