Be ready when life happens.™ – Enroll in a FSA

 You can pay less in taxes –up to 40% less – and have money available for eligible expenses when you need it by signing up for a healthcare or dependent daycare flexible spending account.

For a list of eligible expenses, click on the link below:

Visit Our Eligible Expenses Page

Flex Debit Card Convenience

Sign up, and you will receive a Flex Debit Card that pays for eligible expenses directly from your pre-tax spending account.  This allows you to bypass paying out-of-pocket and waiting for reimbursement.  Your Flex Card can be used at any medical, daycare (if you enroll in the daycare plan), dental and vision provider that accepts VISA.  A list of eligible vendors can be accessed by clicking the link below

Remember –

  • Be sure to SAVE ALL RECEIPTS as myCafeteriaPlan may request copies of your receipts to comply with IRS regulations.
  • Use your flex card for copays associated with your employer’s benefits and  prescription expenses and avoid the need to send in receipts.
  • Use your flex card to pay for services provided in the current plan year only.

View helpful tips and information about the flex debit card at this link:

Flex Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Not sure how much to put aside on a pretax basis? Helpful worksheets and planning tools can also be found at:

Click Here for a Medical Expenses Worksheet Click Here for a Dependent Daycare Expense Worksheet

Answers to the frequently asked questions can be found at:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Remember, you have to enroll each year for the flexible spending account, so don’t forget to make your election!   Contact your Human Resources or Benefits Department for more information on your plan’s open enrollment deadlines.


Flex Debit Card