Why myCafeteriaPlan?

Happy Employees, Happy Employers.

Our core belief in strong customer service has generated happy employees and happy employers for over 30 years.

But don’t take our word for it…

Our most recent client survey results confirm that BusinessPlans continues to be recognized by its clients for our commitment to outstanding customer service.   Our clients attribute these high scores to our designated account representatives, fast claim turnaround and no phone queue customer service support structure.

What do our high scores mean to you?

In a word, value!  Having happy participants is more than just a nice perk, it actually equates to direct financial benefits to the employer.  Your business will see the difference because our solution:

  • Increases your plan participation = saving money on payroll taxes
  • Reduces the number of issues your team has to resolve
  • Saves time your team spends resolving issues
  • Saves time by not having to navigate a phone maze
  • Maintains compliance by getting the right answer the first time
  • And more…

What our clients have to say…

“Our employees are very satisfied with myCafeteriaPlan’s services… as the employer, it is very refreshing and reassuring to know that you are working with a company who is solid on compliance. ” – HR Manager

“I am writing to compliment your employees on the fantastic customer service they provide!  First, it’s nice to call and have a real person answer.  Second, it’s great to be able to talk to one person that can solve all your problems and not transfer you.  Thirdly, the representatives are friendly and patient… Thanks for the prompt, friendly and knowledgeable customer service!” – Participant

“Thank you for your speedy service. I sent what I thought was a large, complicated claim (lots of receipts, spread over seven months), and you processed it in less than ONE day.” – Participant

Our Differences Are The Difference

No Phone Queues or Phone Mazes…ever!

We hate phone mazes and if you select our firm, you and your participants will never wait in a support phone queue again.  All calls are answered live by our friendly support team in Miamisburg, Ohio – eliminating wasted time and frustration.  At BusinessPlans, our mission is “Happy Employees, Happy Employers” and we don’t think anyone can be happy when they are stuck in a phone queue.

Support | Designated & Certified Account Representative

Maintaining happy employees and happy employers requires top-notch customer service.  We’ve designed our customer service process with you and your employees in mind.   As an added bonus, all our customer service is based in the USA at our Miamisburg, Ohio office.

  • Employer Support:  Your account will be assigned to a certified Account Representative.  Your Account Representative will be responsible for managing all the administrative functions of your account.  If your HR team needs to reach your Account Representative, simply give them a call or send them an email.
  • Participant Support:  Participants can reach live Customer Service Representatives from 8am-8pm Eastern through phone, email, online and our mobile App.

One Platform | One Flex Card

HSA, Health FSA, Limited FSA, HRA, Dependent Daycare, and Transit/Parking accounts are fully integrated on one platform and one flex card.  Our combined single platform keeps all your pre-tax account records in one place eliminating the need for you and your employees to manage multiple databases, logins and flex cards.

Quick Turnaround Time | Less Than One Business Day!

At BusinessPlans, we are dedicated to a less than one business day response on any inquiry.  The result?  Phone calls are answered promptly, claims are processed at lightning speed, letters mail timely, files are processed promptly and your questions are answered when you need them answered!

Fees | All Inclusive & Per Participating Employee  

We don’t nickel and dime our clients.  Our fees are all inclusive; it’s as simple as that.  We have no renewal fees, no direct deposit fees, no electronic file fees, anything else our competition dreams up as an add-on expense.  Also, our Pre-Tax administration charge is per participant, not per account.  That saves you money because if a participant is enrolled in one pre-tax account or four, only one monthly administration fee applies.  And should a participant only enroll in an HSA plan, we discount their rate.

Self Service is an option.  NEVER a requirement!

Other companies fail to mention how much work they expect YOUR team to complete.  If you haven’t asked what your team’s role will be in managing the database, importing files and renewing plan records, you probably should.  At BusinessPlans, we make it easy to self service, but we NEVER require it.  We simply ask you to send us your data and we take it from there.

We Listen & Adjust to Our Client’s Needs

At BusinessPlans, we avoid the typical “one size fits all” approach to client support.  With clients ranging from a handful of employees to just over 25,000 employees, we understand that your needs and challenges are unique.  Need something outside of the box?  Just ask.  We’ll do our best to make it work.

Taking Work Off Your Plate

We firmly believe that outsourcing should take work off your plate, not add to it.  All our processes are designed to support that goal.  Understanding what services are included in our pricing and what your team will NOT have to manage is paramount.  When comparing price, be sure to include all add-on fees and the cost of additional time and resources required from you.

Worry-Free Administration

myCafeteriaPlan is dedicated to providing you administrative relief from your plan’s set‐up through day‐to‐day administration to year end testing. We will help keep your plan compliant, your employees happy, and your year‐end smooth.  We take care of the details and allow you to be as involved or uninvolved as you choose to be in your plan administration.

Our user friendly website, www.myCafeteriaPlan.com, provides you and your participants full access to online account information.  Regardless of your role or task – what you need is just a click away!

  • Participants can check account balances, submit claims, request help from our certified support team and much more.
  • Employers can stay up-to-date with their account records, add new members and access reports 24/7.  Our on-demand reports are exportable in multiple formats and automatically generate to help you track your pre‐tax benefits.

We offer two Debit Card options to meet your organization’s unique needs:

Standard Debit Card – Our standard debit card can be used at medical, dental, daycare and other eligible vendors and is pre-loaded with your plan’s co-pays for auto-validation. Though the use of our Standard debit card significantly reduces the number of claim reimbursement requests, there will always be transactions that cannot be automatically validated as an IRS approved expense. You can be assured that myCafeteriaPlan will take the appropriate steps to meet IRS guidelines and request necessary documentation from your participants, all the while keeping the convenience of your employees in mind.

Rx Only Debit Card – Want to avoid the receipt request process completely?  Then consider our “Rx Only” debit card.  This option ensures all debit card transactions are limited to pharmacy items and ensures 100% of transactions are auto-validated.  This means your participants avoid the receipt request process while complying with IRS regulations.  With our Rx Only card, participants pay for their prescriptions with the Rx Only debit card and submit all other non-prescription claims for reimbursement.