What happens if I use my Flex Card for an ineligible expense?


If the transaction is ineligible or lacks sufficient documentation, you will be notified via the monthly receipt request. You have up to 60 days from the initial notification to provide the supporting documentation or to repay the cafeteria plan by making a check or money order (payable to your employer) for the amount of the ineligible transaction. At the end of that period (60 days from the initial notification), if the expense has not been approved or repaid, either a payroll deduction for that amount will be taken by your employer, or your Flex Card will be deactivated. You will be notified of any payroll deductions by your employer.

If your plan year ends or your employment has been terminated prior to the resolution of outstanding ineligible charges, remember that you are still responsible to reimburse the plan for the ineligible charges. Intentional fraudulent use of the Flex Card can lead to the deactivation of your card and/or legal action.