Login Info

Please refer to the following information  if you were directed to this webpage by myCafeteriaPlan or you’ve clicked a link in an e-mail notification we’ve recently sent you.

These instructions are for initial login purposes only.

The upgrades and enhancements are finalized. As a result, it was necessary to update your username and password for your login. To login to your account, click over to  myaccount.mycafeteriaplan.com using your temporary password (see below).

Your temporary login will be as follows (for initial login only):

User name: First Initial of your first name, Last Name, Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (not case sensitive)

For example – Tsmith1234

Password: Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

On the initial login, you’ll be asked to personalize your login information and answer a few short security questions to ensure the ongoing safety of your account.


If you’re enrolled in a Dependent Day Care Account, you must also update any dependent information before claims can be entered.