Privacy Policy

BusinessPlans/myCafeteriaPlan does not rent, sell, or otherwise share information about its current or prior clients (companies) or their employees. myCafeteriaPlan respects client/employee privacy and will only use nonpublic client/employee information provided for administrative purposes previously agreed on. Such information may include:

  • Information used for identification, including social security numbers
  • Information about individual accounts and account histories
  • Information obtained from independent third parties

Neither myCafeteriaPlan nor its partners or affiliates will disclose nonpublic information about its current or prior clients/employees without their express permission, except as permitted or required by law. myCafeteriaPlan also ensures reasonable measures to protect the privacy of current or prior client/employee information through physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards.

HIPAA Privacy Notice-Summary

HIPAA Privacy Notice-Detail

Notice of Privacy Practices from BusinessPlans, Inc.

To discuss myCafeteriaPlan’s privacy policy, contact a myCafeteriaPlan representative.