The Power of Options for Your Flexible Spending Account

Let myCafeteriaPlan help you choose the best reimbursement solution for your company

myCafeteriaPlan works with your company to design a reimbursement plan that meets your company’s needs. There are five main categories of plans available to you:

As a qualified third party administrator, myCafeteriaPlan will assist you in matching your company to the reimbursement plan that maximizes savings for both your company and your employees. In addition, myCafeteriaPlan will provide you with the documents and materials you need to set up your plan and effectively implement it.

Implementing your plan

myCafeteriaPlan carefully evaluates the unique needs of your company and will provide the necessary documents, materials and services to ensure IRS compliance and to ensure that other legal requirements are met. These services include:

Whether you’re setting up a new plan or updating an existing one, myCafeteriaPlan will provide a detailed assessment of your company’s needs and help you choose the best solution.

Making the most of your plan

myCafeteriaPlan knows that the key to a successful reimbursement plan is employee utilization. In order to help your employees get the most out of their reimbursement benefit, myCafeteriaPlan provides a variety of educational materials and services, such as:

Whatever your company’s needs, myCafeteriaPlan will be there to help.